Lokmangal Science & Entrepreneurship College

Lokmangal Science & Entrepreneurship College

The institute Lokmangal Science and Entrepreneurship College, Wadala has affiliated to Punyashlok Ahilyadevi Holkar Solapur University, Solapur and runs three degree programs as B.Sc. Biotechnology, B.Sc. Entrepreneurship, B.Com and two Masters Programs as M.Sc. Biotechnology and M.Sc. Entrepreneurship as well as certificate course in Plant Tissue Culture. This college has 2 (f) registration of UGC and recently applied for 12 (B). It is permanently non-aided, self-financing, regular and providing coeducation to the students.

The institute has been located at Wadala, Tal.-North Solapur, Dist.-Solapur of Maharashtra state, which is 25 kms away from north to Solapur city, on the Solapur-Barshi State Highway (MH SH 151, Maharashtra). It is one of the leading institutes located in rural area of Solapur District, providing the higher education to all the sectors of students coming from the rural and urban areas

Indeed, it is a matter of honor to mention the positive responses received from all the stakeholders in the pursuit for quality enhancement. Enhancement of teaching-learning with ICT, eco-friendly initiatives, students outstanding achievements in various fields and contribution of stakeholders like alumni etc., have directed the efforts of institute in a systematic manner. Alumni of the college are holding responsible positions in India and abroad.


Quality policy of Shriram Gramin Sanshodhan Va Vikas Pratisthan is “To mould an ideal student with zeal of Entrepreneurship & Social Commitments”. Quality education is soul of the society which teaches & influences the thinking of future generation. “Education is the training, which sharpens the intellect, improves grasping power & prevents the discrimination among students.” The real test of education in modern society is to develop good citizen for tomorrow, through character building, logical thinking & making them aware of individual and socially responsible. This institute has always been dedicated to be ideal.


This institute has brought higher education to the doorsteps of the rural masses, under the leadership of Honorable President Mr. Rohanji Deshmukh. “Akhand Gatitun Sarthakta” is the motto of the Lokmangal Group, with this motto in mind; we follow goals & mission of the institute.

Principal Desk

Lokmangal Science and Entrepreneurship College is 11 years old college and has established at Wadala considering the vision and mission of the institute. The institution aims to provide the education to the students who are economically very poor irrespective of caste and give them an opportunity to be a service provider or to become self sufficient.

I am very happy to say that we are moving along with right direction so far vision and mission of the institute. are considered. Our students like Miss. Ashwini Kharatmol, Miss. Seema Awatade, Miss. Amruta Gavali have brought the glory of this college by acquiring different ranks in Biotechnology & Entrepreneurship subject in the University merit list.

Dr. Satishkumar Deokar
Dr. Satishkumar Deokar

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing fields as it finds applications in areas as varied as medicine, food biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, agricultural and biodiversity conservation. There are many applications of biotechnology such as developing various medicines, vaccines and diagnostic increasing productivity, improving energy, production and conservation, innervations in the quality of seeds, insecticides and fertilizers. The course in B.Sc. Biotechnology started by this institute in 2005 was the first in Solapur University Solapur. The training emphasis in this course is on medical aspects related to diagnosis and therapy using modern bio-technological tools of recombinant DNA technology and immunology.

Training specially emphasis on laboratory methodology and self sufficiency in planning an execution of research projects. The syllabus includes recombinant DNA technology, hybridoma technology, T cell cloning, immunological assays, genetics biophysical and biochemical dissertation handling. A dissertation on any of the above aspects chosen by the candidate is included as part of the course. A biotechnologist should have high level of intelligence, ability to concentrate for long hours and strong determination power. The Entrepreneurship course enables the students to acquire necessary learning, experience and skills to start and operate new ventures and organization.

Students gain unique insights into such as necessary entrepreneurial aspects such as, identifying good business opportunities, developing effective business strategies, obtaining customers insights and interaction, developing financial and accounting competencies, advancing product and service development and realization, understanding intellectual property for science and technology related subjects. Entrepreneurship is playing a vital role in global economies. The future will be defined by entrepreneurs who create new opportunities through entrepreneurial thought, a powerful and practical approach to uncertainty that emphasizes experimentation and reflection.

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